Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Wood Flooring Supply: 

Gunneson Flooring Company offers a wide assortment of woods such as oak (white and red), maple, cherry and exotic species. We only use the best woods graded select or above. Wood grade is very important to the finished product. We can also supply you with specially milled wood for a more custom look. These woods are available in various widths and lengths either unfinished or factory pre-finished. Ask about pre-made and custom medallions, floor decals and painted accents for unique designs.


Our hard wood specialists are highly experienced and most have been working with Gunneson Flooring for many years. We offer our customers two installation options. We can coordinate your entire job or will install wood that is supplied by you or your general contractor. Speciality installations such as boarders, repairs and floor matching are also available.


The proper sanding of a wood floor requires an experienced craftsman with an eye for quality, as well as safety. Our employees are OSHA certified with 10 or more hours of training. Dust containment is important to us because the cleaner the jobsite is the finer the finished product will be. Most jobs can be sanded and the first of three coats applied in one day with additional days for the other two coats. The curing of each coat is important and should not be rushed. All of the furniture must be removed from the rooms that are being worked in. We can assist you with this.


We are experts in custom stain colors and color matching. Wood staining is an art that requires experience. Sometimes it is necessary to stain floors to match other existing floors in the house. We can stain your floors to match most any color that is desired.


One of the biggest decisions you will make is finishing. There is much misinformation and confusion about the types of finishes available. We stay informed about new, safer and better finishes. There are two basic types of wood floor polyurethane available for floor coating.

Oil base polyurethane is the most common. It has an amber color that will darken or yellow over time. Oil base polyurethane takes more time to dry and has a strong chemical odor. Three coats are standard. Floors coated with oil base polyurethane will require three days before the floor will be complete.

The water base polyurethanes are stronger and safer then ever with shorter curing time. Water based poly has a lighter color so it dries clear and helps the floor retain its original natural or stain color. It has a light odor that reduces as the floor dries. Because two coats can be applied in one day the job is finished faster and with less odor. Floors coated with water base polyurethane can be finished with four coats in two days.

Maintenance Coating or Re-Coating : 

Floors that get a lot of traffic and wear such as a kitchen should be on a maintenance-coating schedule. These floors should be recoated every 3-4 years depending on the amount of wear. For this process the room needs to be cleared of all furniture. Then the floor is then screened, vacuumed and additional coats are applied. Floors that have been treated with wax cannot be recoated because the polyurethane may bubble or peel. In this case they can be refinished.

Other Services:

  • We can also remove and dispose of your old carpet
  • Install moldings or help you design and estimate job costs